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Saturday, March 19th

08:45 Welcome Remarks

Dean, Faculty of Medicine at the UKE, Uwe Koch-Gromus

08:55 Next generation liquid biopsies
Klaus Pantel, Germany

Session 1:
Biology of Tumor Cell Dissemination & Metastasis
Chair: Udo Schumacher, Manfred Jücker

09:20 Non-cell autonomous contributions of mitochondrial DNA to metastatic efficiency
Danny Welch, USA

09:45 Tumor-stromal interactions in bone metastasis
Yibin Kang, USA

10:10 Molecular analysis of circulating breast cancer stem cells
Max Wicha, USA

10:35 Coffee Break

10:55 Genetic drivers of haematogenous dissemination of tumor cells in breast and lung cancer
Harriet Wikman, Germany

11:20 Epithelial-mesenchymal transition as a mechanism driving the progression of carcinoma
Jean-Paul Thiery, Singapore

11:45 Hypoxia-driven ECM remodelling during cancer progression
Janine Erler, Denmark

12:10 ROBO4 draws breast cancer cells in the bone marrow niche
Philippe Clezardin, France

12:35 Lunch Break in the Foyer Hall

14:00 Insights into mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis
Nancy Hynes, Switzerland

14:25 New approaches to resistant cancers
Bruce Zetter, Boston, USA

Session 2:
CTCs as Liquid Biopsy
Chair: Klaus Pantel, Catherine Alix-Panabieres

14:50 CTCs and cell free plasma tumor DNA in breast cancer
Daniel Hayes, USA

15:15 Clinical developments for CTC in breast cancer
Jean-Yves Pierga, France

15:40 Coffee Break

Session 3:
Selected Oral Presentations
Chair: Nikolai Tupitsyn, Jean-Yves Pierga

16:00 Dissecting breast cancer dormant CTC phenotypes
Dario Marchetti, USA

16:10 CTCs and pathological complete response (pCR) are strong independent prognostic factors in inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) in a pooled analysis of two multicentre phase II trials of neoadjuvant chemotherapy combined with bevacizumab (BEVERLY 1 & 2 studies)
François-Clement Bidard, France

16:20 Breast cancer heterogeneity and therapy selection determine the genetic landscape of CTCs
Simon A. Joosse, Germany

16:30 Circulating melanoma cells and recurrence in stage III melanoma patients
Anthony Lucci, USA

16:40 Molecular analysis of circulating tumour cells identifies distinct profiles in treatment naïve chemosensitive and chemofractory small cell lung cancer patients
Dominic G. Rothwell, United Kingdom

16:50 Number of ALK-amplified CTCs predicts progression-free survival in ALK-rearranged non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated by Crizotinib
Emma Pailler, France

17:00 Establishment and characterization of CTC-derived xenografts in non-small cell lung cancer
Francoise Farace, France

17:10 Detection of clonal shifts in metastatic prostate cancer patients using whole genome-sequencing in ctDNA
Jelena Belic, Austria

17:20 PD-L1 expressing CTCs in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC)
Areti Strati, Greece

17:30 Refreshments in the Exhibition Area

Poster Session 1:
CTCs and DTCs I

Sunday, March 20th

Session 2 (continued):
CTCs as Liquid Biopsy
Chair: Klaus Pantel, Catherine Alix-Panabieres

09:00 Emerging concepts in CTCs and liquid biopsy
Stefanie Jeffrey, USA

09:25 CTCs in breast cancer: Research projects and clinical trials in Germany
Volkmar Müller, Germany

09:50 CTCs in early breast cancer: Challenges and opportunities on the path to clinical utility
Michail Ignatiadis, Belgium

10:15 Studies of DTCs and CTCs with focus on characteristics: Tracing the origin of DTCs in breast cancer using single-cell sequencing
Björn Naume, Norway

10:40 Coffee Break

11:00 Predictive biomarkers to guide treatment selection for castration resistant prostate cancer
Howard Scher, USA

11:25 Plastin3 (PLS3) is a novel CTC marker in solid cancers and is expressed on tumor cells with epithelial and EMT-associated phenotypes
Koshi Mimori, Japan

11:50 Clues from circulating glioblastoma cells
Manfred Westphal, Germany

12:15 Lunch Break in the Exhibition Area

Poster Session 2:
CTCs and DTCs II

Session 4:
Circulating Nucleic Acids as Liquid Biopsy
Chair: Jörg Haier, Sonja Loges


14:00 Liquid biopsy to monitor clonal evolution and resistance
Giulia Siravegna, Italy

14:25 Liquid biopsies as a tool to detect minimal residual disease
Luis Diaz, USA

14:50 Clinical utility of digital sequencing cfDNA in cutaneous melanoma
Dave Hoon, USA

15:15 Analysis of ctDNA for personalized cancer detection and monitoring
Maximilian Diehn, USA

15:40 Coffee Break

cfMiRNA / Exosomes

15:55 About Chomsky, DNA patterns, non-coding RNAs and cancer patients
George Calin, USA

16:20 Tumor exosomes dictate pre-metastatic niches
David Lyden, USA

16:45 The biology and function of exosomes in diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer
Raghu Kalluri, USA

17:10 Refreshments in the Exhibition Area

Poster Session 3:
Dissemination Biology, Circulating Nucleic Acids & Comparative Studies

19:30 Social Event

Rickmer Rickmers
Landungsbrücken, Ponton 1a, 20359 Hamburg

Monday, March 21st

Session 5:
Functional Studies on CTCs & Novel Developments in Liquid Biopsy
Chair: Evi Lianidou, Stefanie Jeffrey

09:00 Detection, characterization and ex vivo expansion of viable CTCs
Catherine Alix-Panabieres, France

09:25 What is and what isn’t a CTC?
Leon Terstappen, Netherlands

9:50 Lung cancer CTCs, what are they good for?
Caroline Dive, UK

10:15 Diagnostic leukapheresis (DLA) to improve CTC-based liquid biopsies
Nick Stoecklein, Germany

10:40 Coffee Break

11:00 Development and validation of novel molecular assays for CTCs and ctDNA
Evi Lianidou, Greece

11:25 Clonal tracking using ctDNA in breast cancer
Carlos Caldas, UK

11:50 Novel developments in liquid biopsies
Michael Speicher, Austria

12:15 High performance expression profiling of liquid biopsy samples
Mikael Kubista, Sweden

12:40 Break with Refreshments

Session 6:
Companies with Novel Technologies
Chair: Thomas Schlange, Leon Terstappen

13:25 Implementation of a methodology for the detection of somatic alterations in lung cancer plasma samples (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
José Luis Costa, Portugal

13:40 CTCs: the seeds of metastazation (Qiagen)
Siegfried Hauch, Germany

13:55 Mass-label method for single cell assay (Siemens)
Michael Pugia, USA

14:10 The Parsortix system: a novel device to easily capture and harvest CTCs based on their size (Angle)
Tobias Gorges, Germany

14:25 A novel dielectrophoretic entrapment system for detection and single cell analysis of CTCs (Tosoh)
Yasuyuki Akiyama, Japan

14:40 DEPArray™/Ampli1™/NGS: An enrichment-agnostic workflow for CTC molecular profiling with single-cell resolution (Silicon Biosystems)
Nicolò Manaresi, Italy

14:55 CytoQuest™ CR – Circulating rare cells positive enrichment and retrieval system (BioVendor)
Michaela Adamcova, Czech Republic

15:05 Droplet Digital PCR: A Precision tool for liquid biopsy (Bio-Rad Digital Biology Center)
Svilen Tzonev

15:20 Ultrasensitive somatic mutation detection in cfDNA and CTC samples using the UltraSEEK™ with the MassARRAY™system (Agena Bioscience)
Darryl Irwin, Australia

15:35 Poster Awards and Closing Remarks

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Hubertus Wald Tumorzentrum, Universitäres Cancer Center Hamburg
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